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With a production facility of 10 machines and highly skilled labour force Kraf has been successful in delivering custom made uniforms to preschools. The blend of new age fresh brains and 2 decade experienced members in our on the floor production expert team is key to low error rate and high output.


At Kraf we ensure that we use high quality fabric which should also be skin friendly for the kids.  Our in house uniform design team work with schools to offer them colours and designs which represent and uplift their brand. Kraf offers a free exchange of uniform if the offered size does not fit to any student, and we take pride when we say the exchange rate is almost negligible from our clients.


The products which are manufactured under uniform section at Kraf are -

  • T-shirts (collar and round neck)

  • Half pants (in suiting and denim)

  • Front Flap skirts (in suiting and denim)

  • Full pant (in suiting and denim)

  • Skirts (in suiting)

  • Socks (ankle length, knee length)

School Bag

With a production team 5 members dedicated for manufacturing bag, Kraf is known for its bags in schooling industry. Our bag ranges from size to size and from use case to use case i-e a typical 14 x 11 inch size bag is suitable for a preschool child where as a 16 x 12 inch size bag is suitable for a grade 1 or 2 child. 


Kraf bag for schools are available in more than a dozen of colours and comes with 3 months warranty (repair and if required exchange). Our bags are designed with keeping in mind minute details such as space for bottle holder, lunch box holder, in some cases option for keeping an extra set of clothes. We also ensure the weight distribution methods and proper cushioning in our bags. 

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