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Krafitto Books & App (for preschool)

Krafitto book for preschools is a set of 7 monthly books for classes playgroup, nursery, junior kg and senior kg. The concept of monthly books ensures that kids don't have to bring all subject books everyday to school as each book is designed in such a way that it covers all literacy, numeracy and general awareness skill developing topics to be covered in a particular month in a single book along with rhymes and stories

The content for these books has been developed and designed by our in-house subject matter experts and designers. The curriculum of these books are NEP (National Education Policy 2020) compliant and follows NCF 2022. Krafitto ecosystem of text books and Krafitto App helps school and parents to be in sync with child's overall development, where in the focus is given majorly on indulging a child in self to do activities to clear concepts and boost skill set.

At Kraf we give emphasis of cultural know how for kids and hence all Krafitto books comes with dedicated section of festivals and celebration for the month with activities.

Kraffitto Book eco-system helps schools as well parents to ensure that their child not only learns but also implement the concepts and hence the books are bundled with Krafitto App. Krafitto App helps parents to understand the delivery of the content i-e how a topic to be taught to a child and what learning outcomes are expected when the child completes a particular topic. Krafitto App helps parents to engage kids in after school learning through physical assignments covering the aspects of the curriculum. 

Kraffitto Books when offered to school comes with school branding i-e school name, logo and other details as per school requirements are printed on the cover.

Krafitto Books Aligning with NCF 2022

The framework of Krafitto books and app revolves around National Curriculum Framework 2022 and follows the Panchakosha Vikas (five fold development) learning approach for kids in the age group of 3 years to 5 years. In accordance with NCF Krafitto ecosystem aims towards attending specific curricular goal for children in all 4 classes.

1. Physical Development - Kids are engaged in certain physical activities which keep their body happy, healthy and fit. This aspect is covered under Kleinetics Fitness Program where in parents, teachers and kids come together to play multiple physical games.

2. Socio & Emotional Development - Teacher training is in integral part of Krafitto where in content is designed to enable teachers to conduct fun classroom activities. Classroom activities or circle time activities where all kids are divided into groups or in a single group to complete various task. This helps to develop a social bonding for kids and they understand basic concepts such as sharing, caring, helping their peers along with expressing themselves.

3. Cognitive Development - Krafitto Books come with ample brain storming and logical thinking activity sheets which help kids to boost their mind's cognitive development. This enhances their mathematical understanding and improve their observational skills, reasoning skills, quantitative skills and helps in concept forming.

4. Language & Literacy Development - The literacy and linguistic skills development in early age starts with listening, recognising and developing patterns. To achieve this curricular goal kids are introduced to songs, rhymes and phonetic sound of letters, moving forward proper exposure to objects on particular letters and progress to identifying their use cases. These use cases then converts into short sentences and form stepping stones in achieving literacy goals for a child. With Krafitto books, activity sheets and app we try to create activities where children are moulded in a structure pattern of listening, recognising and pattern development.

5. Aesthetic & Cultural Development - With Krafitto Joybox! kids get a new and different artistic approach to learn things to achieve curricular goals. This art way to memorising things where kids are indulged in "LEARNING BY DOING" methodology helps them to remember things for a longer duration as they have now a memory to relate a particular topic. Krafitto books also offers a wide spectrum for kids to know more about their culture by short introduction followed by an activity on various festivals which fall under those particular month.

Teacher Assistance to achieve - Curricular Goals, Competencies And Learning Outcomes

At Kraf we too believe "Care and responsiveness with ample opportunities to experience, experiment and explore are the hallmark of pedagogy at this Stage". To achieve this, Krafitto ecosystem works extensively on teacher assistance program ensuring teachers achieve 'Curricular Goals', 'Competencies' and 'Learning Outcomes' for every child in their classroom.

On Krafitto App every topic is divided into 

1. Introduction

     1. Knowledge transfer for parents

     2. Expected learning outcomes

2. Assignment

     1. Intuitive and collaborative activities for kids

     2. Get insights from teachers on submissions

3. Teacher reference

     1. Curricular goals on topic level

     2. Skill acquired or competences achieved

     3. Learning outcomes to be achieved

     4. Knowledge transfer plan to students

     5. Classroom activities

     6. Circle time interaction 

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