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Kraf Base Books & App (for preschool)

Kraf base book for preschools is a set of 7 monthly books for classes playgroup, nursery, junior kg and senior kg. The concept of monthly books ensures that kids don't have to bring all subject books everyday to school as each book is designed in such a way that it covers all subjects for a particular month i-e english, maths, evs, rhymes, stories and activities.  

The content for these books has been developed and designed by our in-house subject matter experts and designers. The curriculum of these books are NEP (National Education Policy 2020) compliant and comes with self do activities to boost child's knowledge on various topics. At Kraf we give emphasis of cultural know how for kids and hence all our books comes with dedicated section of festivals and celebration for the month.

Kraf Base Books when offered to school comes with school branding i-e school name, logo and other details as per school requirements are printed on the cover.

Kraf Base Book eco-system helps schools as well parents to ensure that their child not only learns but also implement the concepts and hence the books are bundled with Krafitto App. On the app teachers get digital content of the books along with videos and assignments. 

Kraf Book Customisation & App (for preschools)

At Kraf we value your suggestions and hence offer customisation in the content part of Kraf books. This customisation is not only offered in the printed books but also in the digital content on the app. Kraf does not charge for customisation upto 10% of the total page count of the book.

Designing Custom Books for your school

As a school you must had faced problem with books from different publishers i-e the content you always wised or wanted to teach is not available with a single publisher or the contents you wanted comes with many extra topics which you don't want or don't want to be taught in your school. Even if you think to get it designed the cost is too high, and printing the desired book in small quantity is not feasible.

This is where you need Kraf's custom books solution where our in house design team work with you or your school to design books that you want. And yes we don't charge for designing your dream book and we also print and deliver books in as low as 5 units in a single order. Icing on the cake you can get the krafitto app too with your digital content.

End To End Services

Design + Print + Seller Through E-commerce + Delivery

You are a writer and write kids books such as story books, phonic books or mental math books and always wished to get it designed and printed and sell online, but don't know where to get all these services from?


Not to worry Kraf not only offers designing and printing services but through its online e-commerce portal also supports you in selling and take cares of last mile delivery of orders.